Where do I pick up my tickets?

Tickets may be picked up at the box office located right outside of the Amphitheater on Red River for all outdoor events. For indoor shows tickets may be picked up at the host stand located at the restaurant entrance.

Can I buy tickets at the box office?

If the show has not sold out you may purchase tickets at the box office; however, we do encourage patrons to purchase their tickets in advance if they are concerned the show may sell out.

How do I purchase tickets in advance?

Tickets may be purchased in advance through Front Gate Tickets online at http://stubbs.frontgatetickets.com or over the phone at 512-389-0315.

Is there seating in the venue?

Stubb’s is a standing room only venue. Only for special events that require a seated audience will there be seating available.

What type of payment is accepted?

Stubb’s takes cash and all major credit cards. Checks will not be accepted as payment.

Do I need an ID to enter the venue?

Stubb’s is an all ages venue; however, if you are over 21 and do not have the proper identification, alcohol consumption and reentries will not be allowed.

Do I need an ID to drink?

A valid Texas driver’s license must be provided in order to consume alcohol at the venue. If you are from out-of-state or are providing a passport, please furnish another photo ID in addition to your license, as well as a second form of identification, including a credit card, insurance card, etc.

Does the club offer food?

Yes, food can be purchased inside the restaurant. The restaurant is open until 9 PM on Sunday, 10 PM Monday – Thursday and 11 PM Friday and Saturday.

Are there limits upon how many drinks I can purchase at one time?

In line with TABC regulations, patrons are allowed to purchase only two (2) drinks per individual present at point of purchase.

What happens to minors who are caught drinking under aged?

Immediate expulsion from the venue will result for minors caught drinking. In severe cases the proper authorities will be contacted if resistance arises.

I forgot to close out my tab at the bar; where can I pick up my credit card?

You are welcome to pick up your card the next time you visit Stubb’s, any bartender, hostess or security personnel can assist you in retrieving your lost item. Please feel free to call in advance and notify management of you lost credit card.

Is there a dress code?

We ask that patrons please wear appropriate footwear to the event. Shoes are required for access to the venue.

Can I smoke in the venue?

Outside only. Austin’s Smoking in Public Places Ordinance (SIPPO) was approved by Austin voters in May of 2005 and became effective on September 1, 2005. The Smoking Ordinance prohibits smoking in most public places. Stubb’s is not listed as an exception and is thus a nonsmoking venue when inside.

Do you allow crowd surfing or moshing?

Under no condition does Stubb’s allow crowd surfing. Doing so will result in immediate expulsion from the venue.

Can I leave the venue and come back?

Stubb’s has a strict no-reentry policy for patrons under the age of 21. Reentry for patrons over the age of 21 is allowed with a valid ticket stub and wristband provided by the venue.

Where are your emergency exits located?

For a map of emergency exits located in the venue, please refer to the production tech pack.

Does the venue have emergency lighting or a sprinkler system?

Stubb’s is fully equipped with an emergency lighting and sprinkler system, should an emergency take place.

Are there paramedics on staff?

Paramedics are staffed on a show-by-show basis and are thus not present at all shows. If you experience an emergency that requires medical attention please contact the closest security guard and they will help you with you needs.

Does the venue allow pyrotechnics?

Stubb’s does not allow the use of pyrotechnics by any artist or patron at our facilities.

Do you have a security staff on hand and how can they assist me?

Security staff is provided and is located at all entrances and exits, and roaming within the venue to assist in maintaining order. If you have any questions or need assistance with a complication, please alert any of the security staff on site.

I’m disabled, what kind of accommodations can you make for me?

Stubb’s is equipped to accommodate all ADA patrons’ needs. If you require specific accommodations, please email our Front Gate/ADA Assistance Supervisor in advance so they may be arranged: Freddy Hernandez fhernandez@stubbsaustin.com

Is there a security screening for entering the venue?

For all outdoor concerts there is a bag check and pat down upon entering the amphitheater. If you leave the venue and wish to re-enter, you will be subject to another bag check and pat down.

What am I not allowed to bring?

Prohibited items include:

Plastic containers, sealed or unsealed, (i.e. water bottles), thermoses, bota bags or wine skins

Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs

Glass bottles or aluminum cans

Laser pointers (will be confiscated and patron will be subject to ejection)

Recording devices (audio, video or cameras as restricted per show)

Any weapon or item construed as a weapon such as guns, knives, sticks, tasers, fireworks, or firearms

Bullhorns or noise makers



Lawn chairs


Animals (except certified guide dogs)


Chains or jewelry with spiked edges

I’ve lost an item at a show; where can I try to locate it if it’s been found?

You are welcome to pick up your lost item the next time you visit Stubb’s, any bartender, hostess or security personnel can assist you in retrieving your belongings. Please feel free to call in advance and notify management of your lost property.

If I leave something in my car, can I leave to get it and reenter the venue?

Stubb’s has a strict no-reentry policy. Only in emergency circumstances will reentry be allowed.

Can I bring a camera and audio/video recording equipment?

Ultimately, the camera and recording policy are up to the discretion of the artist performing that evening, but in most cases the house policy represents an industry standard. Stubb’s standard house policy does not allow professional cameras, audio or video recording devices, or cameras with detachable lenses unless the artist performing that evening has approved proper press credentials. Point and shoot cameras that fit in a front shirt pocket are acceptable as long as they do not have a detachable lens.

Can I bring a chair, or can you provide one?

You are not allowed to bring a chair to the venue. If you are in serious need of a chair due to a medical condition, please email our Front Gate/ADA Assistance Supervisor in advance so special accommodations may be arranged: Freddy Hernandez fhernandez@stubbsaustin.com

May I bring food?

Outside food and beverage are not permitted, but you may purchase food and drink inside the venue.

Can you hold my backpack or coat?

Stubb’s does not provide a coat or bag check at the venue. If you bring either one of these items you will be accountable for it the entire evening.

What time are doors?

Standard door times are at 7:00. This may not be the case for all shows. For door times please reference your ticket or the venue website. For a list of upcoming shows please refer to www.stubbsaustin.com.

What time does the show start?

Standard show times usually begin an hour after doors although this may not always be the case.

What happens if an event is cancelled or postponed?

If a show is cancelled or rescheduled ticket holders will be notified immediately via email by Front Gate Tickets. For further information on cancellations and reschedules please refer to the Front Gate Tickets FAQ at http://www.frontgatetickets.com/support/faq/#6 and the Front Gate Tickets terms of sale at http://www.frontgatetickets.com/support/terms/.

How late do your shows run until?

End times vary but Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater has a hard curfew of 10:30 PM Sunday – Wednesday, 11:00 PM Thursday and 12:00 AM Friday and Saturday. The indoor stage has a hard curfew of 1:45 AM every night.

Does my child need a ticket?

Children under five do not require a ticket to attend the show however, if the event you are attending is children’s entertainment focused, all attendees will require a ticket at full face value.

How old do you have to be to attend the show?

Stubb’s is an all age’s venue. However, a guardian is still responsible for children under the age of seventeen.

My child wants to attend a show on their own, is this ok?

Young adults are allowed to attend a show on their own but a guardian is still responsible for any child under seventeen.

Can I bring a stroller?

Stubb’s does not allow strollers. Please contact us in advance regarding special circumstances and contact the Front Gate Manager upon your arrival to the show.

Can my child consume alcohol if I am present?

Regardless of guardian presence, individuals under the age of 21 may not consume alcohol in all cases.

Where is the club located?

Stubb’s is located downtown on the corner of 8th and Red River.

How do I get to Stubb’s?

For detailed directions and a map of the venue location please visit our contact page.

Where do I park?

Stubb’s does not have its own parking lot. Parking is available at any open pay station meters in the surrounding area or in any open parking garages.

Is there an ATM in or near the venue?

There is an ATM located inside of the venue as well as several next to nearby businesses.